How To Avoid Google Adsense Ban 2023

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MeToday I am going to share how To avoid Google Adsense ban 2023. The essence of having Google adsense in our blog is to monetize our blog.And it is very hard nowadays to get your Google account approved and now it is very important to avoid your adsense account being banned by Google.I am going to share with you what to do to avoid being banned by Google.

These tips below will help you avoid ban from Google.Pls Read these tips below carefully.

How To Avoid Google Adsense Ban 2023

  1. Read the Google adsense TOS carefully and follow:Before inserting the ads to your blog,you have to read and master Google adsense policy.
  2. Avoid putting Adsense in sites that Google doesn’t support its language.There are languages Google doesn’t support,so try to avoid those sites to avoid ban from Google.
  3. Never click on your own ads 😀 on’t try to click on your ads to avoid getting banned by Google.
  4. Don’t encourage your readers to click on your own ads:Dont tell your readers to click on your adsense.If Google notices that you are you encouraging them to click on your adsense,you will get banned by google.
  5. Never Encourage Family and Friends to click on your ads:To avoid being banned,never ask your friends or your family to click your own ask because Google will detect fraud will then ban your account.
  6. Violated sites or blogs should not be linked with your Adsense account:Avoid pornographic sites and Contents relating to alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and gambling are also not allowed.There are some websites which Google doesn’t want to put their ads on.
  7. Avoid keyword stuffing on any your blog or site:Make sure your keyword density doesn’t exceed 5%.
  8. Creating multiple Google Adsense Account:Trying to create multiple will make Google to ban your account and if your adsense account is related to another banned account,it will definitely be banned.
  9. Include Privacy Policy :If you maintain your own website or your own blog, then it is important to include a similar privacy policy for every page that contains Google AdSense advertisements.
  10. More ads or paid promotional material more than publisher-content will get you banned.

I hope this tips will protect from Google AdSense ban.

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